Levblockchain “LVE” Erc-20 Token Information

Our ecosystem’s “LVE” token is a long term advantage for our partners , teams , freelancers and contributors.


Token Name : levblockchain

Token Symbol : “LVE”

Total Fixed Supply : 108,000,000.00

Token Address : 0xa93f28cca763e766f96d008f815adaab16a8e38b


By vesting “LVE” , our partners and contributors will be even more incentivized to produce and provide higher quality products and services which meet the ever-growing demands of our clients. Those who accumulate enough “LVE” will be able to voice their opinion regarding the startup’s decisions , plans and strategies by our “DAO” contract.

“LVE” token vested for anyone who contribute to our ecosystem by long term and quality collaboration. Therefore any partners , teams , freelancers who collaborate with us will receive “LVE” according their invested time , service , economic or other type of support ,although there will be a control of the amounts vested so the decisions will have the highest level of quality and impact for our ecosystem.

This will result in considerable long term benefits for all involved. Our clients will receive the best customer service , collaborators and contributors will be paid and rewarded with both fiat currency and “LVE” , while our own ecosystem will experience a higher growth rate.

For further information , interest about “LVE” token , contribution or cooperation by any means you can contact us anytime and will be more than happy to inform and guide you through.