Levblockchain “LVE” Erc-20 Token Information

Levblockchain LVE token

!! ATTENTION !! Be very Careful in which coins – tokens you invest and IF you truly want to invest in highly risky assets class like crypto in general, there may be similar addresses and similar tokens that try to represent official tokens or coins of a company or project….every time look for the official websites , token addresses , names , tickers , decimals etc. , any further research will be helpful for you to determine the right decisions. Never Ever invest money that you can’t afford to lose, Even the most major and known cryptos are of high risk.


Token Name : Levblockchain

Token Symbol : “LVE”

Total Fixed Supply : 108,000,000

Token Address : 0xa93f28cca763e766f96d008f815adaab16a8e38b

Decimals : 18

Type : Erc-20


Levblockchain LVE token and the Levblockchain LVE basic Dao contract will hold the divisions and acquired companies created tokens locked as a holder in our basic Dao contract .

The total value of all the divisions and their tokens will reflect on the LVE Dao’s and the Levblockchain LVE token’s as a whole , “LVE” – “holdings” structure in real life businesses almost tethered with our Dao’s ecosystem whereas tokenization is possible and if beneficial.

We are privately raising capital , looking for quality and experienced limited partners , angels and advisors for new ventures and syndications to expand in key sectors and markets globally by corporate restructuring strategies and activities ,inorganic growth ,disruptive growth Investing ,buy established businesses in key sectors ,creating added value to our ecosystem.

Levblockchain LVE media

Since we never had gone public or do an ICO or else so far , we TOTALLY REVISED our organization’s structure ,plans and activities and many more things needed revision ,overhauls ,restructuring , we would like you to know that our project’s plans , pitch , paper etc. on the media ,crypto – ico etc. calendar sites are completely outdated.

For further information , interest about our ventures and syndications , contribution or cooperation by any means you can contact us anytime and will be more than happy to inform and guide you through.