Private sales (Ongoing - including PayPal)

Pre-ICO (upcoming in MAY, discount offers, ETH)

Main ICO (Until Q1 2020, ETH)

25% annual buyback program from  the total sold supply of tokens at the rate of 0.0032 Eth for the first year and a 10%  interest for every new year. Thus, our Token Levblockchain LVE will avoid inflation and will be properly managed and stored.

Our private sales is ongoing .

Price: 0.0009 ETH

Our Organization, Levblockchain LVE

will help many new, young, passionate people who are trying to work on new technology, blockchain projects and products. Many Greek developers become migrant workers because of the country’s educational and erroneous infrastructure, caused by the frozen economic growth.


LVE DAO with a new generation of developers located in Greece will help each other to develop real and future use of blockchain, while adopting it by Projects with real physical contribution, helping Greek territorial communities of developers and startups.



Arakelian Takvor

Aram Lazian

Marinos Karamanian

Dimitrios Mpaltas


Founder Levblockchain LVE


Hardware Technician at

 Levblockchain LVE


Software Tester

Levblockchain LVE


Software Developer



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